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Contacting Ergo support

There are five ways of obtaining Technical Support

  • Microsoft® Windows® provides a comprehensive Help system, accessible via the Start menu. This flexible system can help to resolve most problems and queries.
    If Windows Help is unable to provide a solution, or your problem relates to the hardware of your computer, the following options are available:
  • Help specific to your computer hardware may be found within the manual supplied with your notebook.

  • The Ergo Support Website for Drivers, Service Packs and Help Documents.
    Click here for more technical support information

    Before contacting Ergo's Technical Support, please have your computer available together with the serial number (located on the panel underneath the notebook). The serial number is very important because it enables us to review the history of the computer, and identify the cause of any problems that you may encounter.

  • Contact us by filling out the online technical Support Form below.

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  • Ergo's Technical Support Helpdesk is open from 8.00am to 6.00pm Monday to Friday and can be contacted on Tel 08448 000 712 or +44 (0)1925 847 291. Please have your serial number handy when calling.

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