We have partnered with Exadel, a leading software engineering company, in response to customers asking Ergo to deliver a much wider set of services, ranging from technology strategy consulting to end-to-end delivery.

Through this partnership we work collaboratively with CIOs and CTOs to develop a strategy; with product managers to develop application and product roadmaps; and with architects to develop the architecture, make platform choices, and ensure security. We provide development, QA, and deployment services. We take full responsibility for delivery end-to-end. More info at

What makes us different?

Service engagements

We offer a number of cost-effective engagement models to best meet the needs of each project and customer requirements. Please contact John Cummins at Exadel on 07767 473057 or so he can visit you to understand your particular project requirements.



Custom Application Development. We have delivered mission-critical applications for customers of all sizes from startups to corporates. We develop applications for all devices and all screen sizes that are deployed across multi-tier architectures in the cloud or on premises. We can develop end-to-end solutions, including the presentation logic, business logic, and integration to enterprise systems, or we can collaborate with your existing teams to fill any gaps in terms of skills or capacity.

Application migration. We have helped many large enterprises successfully manage their migration initiatives to modernize their business applications, enhancing their competitive advantage. Our services include re-engineering, rationalization, web and mobile enablement, cloud transformation, mobile (iOS, Android, and hybrid) ports, EAI to REST migrations, and more.


Strategy and planning. Our consultants engage with your key stakeholders to understand your company’s needs in order to develop a strategy and plan to meet your mobility objectives within the dynamics of your organization. We help you sort through the myriad of options, such as selecting native versus responsive web apps, selecting the right application distribution & management solution, and developing security policies.

Mobile design. Our team of designers and user experience experts ensure that your apps are easy to use, deliver the best user experience, and reflect your brand across all devices. Our designers work closely with our developers and leverage the same tool chain to ensure the end applications accurately implement the intended design.

Native development. We have extensive experience developing iOS, Android, and Windows Phone applications for smartphones and tablets. The native applications that we develop adhere to the latest usability and design guidelines for each platform and take advantage of the native APIs and sensors available in order to deliver the best user experience and performance on each platform.


Unlike traditional outsourcers, our company heritage is product-centric, with a proven record developing products that are marketed by leading ISVs, including Red Hat, Progress Software, and our own spin-off company, Appery. (

We have extensive domain expertise in mobile, cloud, APIs, open source, and products that target software developers and financial services institutions. We attract talent that thrives when challenged with new product ideas, turning them into highly differentiated products for our ISV customers. Our team even applies a product-centric discipline to custom applications, resulting in higher quality software that is more robust and easier to support.


Standalone QA. We offer standalone QA services that can be integrated with your own development teams. Our QA team becomes an integral part of your development team to ensure a seamless workflow across the entire development process.

Integrated QA. We offer integrated QA services as part of larger custom development services, following our own well-honed standard methodology. In these cases our QA teams collaborate with our business analysts and developers to ensure the QA process is fully integrated into the requirements and development process to improve overall efficiency and quality.

Performance testing. Is used to ensure an application is responsive and stable under a particular workload. This offers the opportunity to assess other key qualities of the system, such as scalability, reliability, and resource usage. Our performance testing includes the use of both commercial and open source tools, ensuring the proper tools are matched to each project.